November 25, 2007

Port Trinitie Association

P.O. Box 1674
Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948

Dear Port Trinitie Owners:

On November 10, 2007, Port Trinitie Association held its annual meeting at the Sunset Grille in Duck.

The Board of Directors met from 9:00 am until noon. The following Board members attended this meeting:

Roy McLeod, President-Port Trinitie Association (PTA)
John Kip, Vice President-(PTA)
Don Witosky, Treasurer-(PTA)
Diane Kidwell, Secretary-(PTA)
Don Hale-(PTA)
Marshall Talton-(PTA)
Susan Keith-Port Trinitie Homeowners Association (PTHOA)
Dan Tully-(PTHOA)

Other Port Trinitie owners that attended the Board of Directors meeting were: Bruce Gordon (PTHOA), Adam Kaspar (PTHOA), M.C. and Jean Wilhelm (PTA), John Coates (PTA), Julia Hale (PTA), Barbara Richardson (PTA), B. J. Hice (PTA), Elliot and Deborah Hatfield (PTA), Libby Talton (PTA) and Joe Bowman (PTA)

In addition to the above, the following Port Trinitie owners attended the general meeting:

Sarah Toxvard, Sheri Northrup, Dave and Kathy Russman, Russell and Grace Knapp, Don and Irene Metzger, Richard and Charlotte March, Richard and Nancy Cecil, George and Veronika Zoebl, Bonnie Gordon, Kathy Bowman, Jackie Dudley, Warren Harding, Jim and Janet White, Anita Coates and Jane Paret

Following a buffet luncheon that took place from noon until 1:00 pm, the general meeting was held.

Status Report
President Roy McLeod started the general meeting with a discussion of accomplishments that we have made throughout the fiscal year ending September 30, 2007.

Following is a list of major accomplishments for PTA:

1. The sound side pool was resurfaced and retiled.

2. The sound side pool cover was replaced with a more wind resistant cover.

3. The largest cracks were filled in at the tennis courts. Owners made some additional repairs to the tennis court fencing.

4. Marshall Talton, Susan Keith, Dan Tully, Adam Kaspar and Sue Braun met with a contractor to get a bid for removal and reconstruction of the north beach access, walkover and sound side walkway.

5. The fence, lighting and wiring were removed on the north side of our entrance at Duck Road.

6. Four new trash cans were purchased for the ocean pool, sound pool, tennis courts and north beach access.

7. A beach push was done to protect our ocean front.

8. Three extensions were added to the north beach access.

Major condo related accomplishments were:

1. Replacement of water lines.

2. Draining of septic tanks.

3. Replacement of bolts on Spinnaker oceanfront decks.

4. Inspection of roofs for all Spinnaker and Skipjack units.

Financial Report

Our Treasurer, Don Witosky, worked with Sue Braun, Susan Keith and Dan Tully to create new budget projections for 2008 and 2009. The Board also adopted a new monthly Association Fee based on the ratio of community facility land to condominium and home owner land occupancy. There are thirty two improved lots (homes-PTHOA) and twenty five condominiums (PTA) at Port Trinitie. Beginning January 1,2008, Condominiums and the Homes will pay a $135.00 per month Community Facility Fee. In addition, Condominiums will pay an $85.00 per month condominium specific maintenance fee. (Note to co owners: This is not the monthly maintenance fee that you pay to your condominium). Our Reserve Funds will be $25,000.00, as storm damage or other unexpected expenses make it necessary to keep an adequate amount in reserve. Our thanks to all who worked on our budget and creating a new fee amount that is fair to everyone. The Board also appointed a committee of Don Hale, Susan Keith, Roy McLeod and Marshall Talton to review expenses in property maintenance, mowing, etc. to seek ways to further reduce expenses and improve operations. We will also consider having a grounds committee to look for ways to improve our overall appearance and check for any problems that need attention. Don Witosky and Roy McLeod will meet with condominium House Representatives in January 2008 to review these changes.

Major projects for 2008-Details of which are in your 2008 budget are:

1. Retile and resurface Oceanside pool.

2. Resurface tennis courts.

3. Rebuild north beach access dune walkover and replace sound side walkway. Marshall Talton will oversee this project.

4. Exterior pressure cleaning and possible staining of Spinnaker Condominiums.

5. Drop off at the sound side parking at Duck Road repaired by the state. Roy McLeod took care of this.

The Board also asked Sue J. Braun-Property Manager to offer the PTHOA owners the opportunity to use the PTA bulk cable TV account. The bulk cable fee for basic and expanded tier is $26.13 per house/condo per month. Any premium channels or maintenance contracts are billed separately. Please contact Sue Braun at 252-261-7315 for further information.

Following a general question and answer period, the Association Meeting adjourned at 2:15 pm.

In closing, we would like to thank all who took time out of their busy schedules to attend this years meeting. A special thank you to the newly formed PTHOA. We look forward to your continued input, advice and work to keep Port Trinitie the wonderful resort community that it has always been.

Happy Holidays to all!


Sue J. Braun, Property Manager for
Roy McLeod, President-PTA


Property Manager's Notes by Sue J. Braun
November 10, 2007

In addition to the information you have been given in the minutes to the meeting, I would like to add some additional work that has been completed for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2007 or is in progress. Following is some information that will help to keep you up to date and give you an idea of the many projects that we handle each year at Port Trinitie:

1. Our CPA has been informed that all Spinnaker and Skipjack units are to use PTA's federal ID number. He is currently making the necessary changes.

2. Spring and Fall plantings were done at the entrance and other beds with weeding/cleaning on a regular basis. Drought conditions made this a real challenge over the summer months.

3. A no parking sign was installed at the Villa/Skipjack area to prevent cars from blocking driveways.

4. The sign at the end of Quarterdeck Drive was reinstalled.

5. The sound side pool had some rewiring done and a new breaker box installed, as the old one became dangerous.

6. Streets and driveways were edged and sprayed with round up. This is an ongoing project, as it grows back quickly.

7. The Oceanside parking area just past the Skipjack units on the left side of Trinitie Drive was removed.

8. Pool boards, lattice fencing and walkway boards were replaced on an as needed basis.

9. Top soil was added in several areas, including the east side of the Skipjack units and some grass seed was added.

10. A dead tree was removed on the oceanfront beside the north walkway to the beach.

11. New tennis court and boat ramp locks were purchased.

12. After storm clean ups, including beach access and the sound side gazebo. Repairs were done several times.

13. Plumbing leaks were repaired under the sound side pool.

14. A new ocean side pool motor was purchased and installed.

15. Sound side tree roots were removed to prevent future septic field problems.

16. The gazebo roof was cleaned (birds) and some repairs were made.

17. The sound side houses were lettered and numbered with the correct addresses.